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Belleville Community Education/Recreation Program Mission

Belleville Community Education/Recreation is committed to bringing school and community together to form a partnership for recreation and lifelong learning for all school district residents. Community Education/Recreation pursues all avenues of recreation and learning to reach various populations. Community Education/Recreation also offers citizens the opportunity to improve the quality of life within the community by sharing their knowledge, skills and interests with others.

Belleville Community Education

Community Education promote learning and social development work with individuals and groups in their communities using a range of formal and informal methods.

Belleville Community Recreation

Community Recreation refers to recreation at the local level, such as community recreation facilities and community activity programs. ... These facilities play a vital role in recreation, sport and healthy active lifestyles in the community.

UW-Madison Continuing Studies

Programs in the arts, languages, writing, and more that will enrich your experience as a lifelong learner

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UW-Whitewater Continuing Education Workshops and Training

UW-Whitewater has partnered with Ed2Go to offer a wide range of personal enrichment, professional development, and college refresher and prep courses.  Courses are led by experienced instructors in an interactive, online environment. They begin each month and last approximately six weeks. Courses are affordable, accessible, and help adults meet their lifelong learning, career and educational goals. Below are a few of the most popular courses we offer. 

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